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Barbican Facelift Campaign

The objective of this campaign was a facelift for Barbican.

First stage the logo was redesigned, making it more legible and incorporating the wheat and barley design ques.

Secondly the labeling was changed, 12 variants were introduced in the market.

The product was packaged in 250ml & 330ml cans, and also in 330ml bottles.

Other packaging included the shrink wraps for 6 pack cans, 6 pack cluster paper pack for bottles,

and the various carton packs.

The marketing campaign featuring the products was released in MENA Region,

and had a positive impact on the product sale.

With Barbican having a biggest market share in the non-alcoholic beer category.



Client _ Aujan - Barbican
Agency _ Face to Face_UAE
Creative Director _ Paul / Mike

Art Director _ Prem Peter D'Souza


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